Why We Get Out of Bed Every Morning

Our Mission

ATP hosts a diverse group of trainers that vary greatly in their strengths and expertise.  While our niches may differ, our goal is the same:  to provide our clients with a fulfilling, and productive experience every time.  Check out our trainers down below for more information.



Angila Berni

SFG2, 200H - RYT, ACE Personal Trainer, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Stick, Track and Field Coach, Crossfit Mobility, Muscle Driver Olympic Lifting, Attitude Nation Level 1 Weightlifting, CPR/First Aid/AED
Angila obtained a B.S. in Exercise Science from UNCW, and a B.S. Degree from Mount Olive College in Management and Organizational Development.  She is now working towards her Master's Degree in Kinesiology at A.T. Still University, with a concentration in Sports Conditioning and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.
She hopes to share this love with others to help them become more happy and healthy.
“My favorite aspect of being a trainer is seeing the smile on my client's faces when they achieve their goals.  It is an indescribable feeling to know that I had a small part in their success.”


Personal Yoga Instructor
Personal Trainer in Training

Erica Sloan

Once a basement-dweller/couch-potato, turned into a flying yogi, Erica understands a bit about change.  Change can be intimidating, and the process may seem daunting; she is a firm believer in baby-steps, and celebrating the little victories.  Her passion lies in educating her clients on how to listen to, and communicate with their body, understand movement, and find comfort within their own skin.  Primarily through yoga and other body-weight exercises, Erica is determined to help her clients embrace the power they hold within.


Certified Small Group Fitness Instructor
Ace Certified Personal Trainer
B.S in Exercise Science

Dakota Kappel

Recently graduated from UNCW with her bachelor's in Exercise Science Dakota looks forward to helping others reach their fitness goals. Her goal is to make getting in shape as accessible as possible for everyone! She offers personal training and partner training if you and a friend or family member want to get in shape together.

Mike 3.jpg

Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Trainer

Mike Reidy

CSCS, SFG1, Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Level 1,
His passion for fitness and specifically coaching fitness started  at Dominican College in Orangeburg, NY where he got his degree in Athletic Training.  Now having a background in rehab and athletic development led him to work with athletes of all levels and general population people looking to move and feel better and avoid injuries and improve their quality of living.   He has worked in conjunction with a nearby country club where he was a content writer on fitness for golfers and tennis players and overall liaison of fitness for that country club.  he loves using all kinds of modalities especially Kettlebells,  different types of resistance bands and body weight exercises to teach students how they can improve there fitness and movement quality and do it in a small area no bigger than a living room.  He loves the journey of fitness and is constantly learning more everyday and loves giving that knowledge to others.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, Physical Preparation Specialist, Level 1 Reflexive Performance Reset

Matt Secrest

Matt is obsessed with helping people move better and live a happier, healthier, stronger life. His journey in health and performance really began during his time serving in the United States Navy. He learned everything he could to prepare himself and two friends to play college football after his service. He did end up playing college football and during that time realized that his true passion had been the time spent training and sweating, helping himself, friends, and teammates to push themselves in an attempt to become stronger better versions of themselves. When his time as a college athlete came to an end, Matt decided to pursue a career as a strength coach. He has now spent the last three years as a full time strength coach and personal trainer working with athletes and anyone dedicated to improving their health, strength, and wellbeing. His goal is to help as many people as he possibly can push towards their true mental and physical potential through training while continuing to learn and grow himself so he can best carry out this mission.